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PUNKIN HEAD AIR SPORTS began as an extension of the flying activity Dianne McNamara commenced in 1995 – skydiving. Her interest in sewing and textiles soon led to a course in parachute rigging and repairs which was completed in 1998 just as she was introduced to what was to be the next great love of her flying career – Microlights.

Trikes gave her the freedom to stay in the air longer and actually go places …. something that proved to be a bit hard with a sports parachute rig. Naturally, needs were discovered for things such as bar mitts, panniers to carry extra fuel in, map holders – all the bits and pieces that make flying more comfortable.

Combining her knowledge of textiles with rigging and strength considerations Dianne produced articles unique in their approach to comfort, security of attachment and style of appearance. It wasn’t long before others began requesting their own wing covers, kneeboards, wind socks etc., and the PHAS range of products had begun!

As demands for new products occurred, the same principles of design regarding practicality, suitability, strength and appearance were applied. PHAS now produces accessories and covers for general aviation, microlight and ultralight aircraft as well as providing parachute rigging and wing repair services.

Dianne flies as much as practicable, and when she is ground-bound in front of a sewing machine is always glancing out the window at the weather and imagining herself ‘up there’.

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